You know Minesweeper, the Microsoft Windows program? Then you will soon be familiar with HexMines, the hexagonal Minesweeper clone for Win32 (Win9.x/ME/NT/2000/XP) and OS/2. Four levels of difficulty, the last one allowing you to choose any board size with a hexagon side length of 3 up to 105 fields, provided your monitor is large enough, and mines from few to much too much ...

Here is an example of a lost game ;-( ...



There is a version for Windows and one for OS/2 - unfortunately only in German, but I am sure you will be able to play it anyway. Choose:

HexMines v1.01 for Windows ZIP: 17 kB (german Program & Help file)
HexMines v1.0 for OS/2 ZIP: 30 kB (german Program & Help file)

Under OS/2 / eCS some systems crash with a background pattern, so there is also a pattern free version available:

HexMines v1.0np for OS/2 ZIP: 24 kB (german Program only)
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